Rob Lowe Thinks He Spotted Prince Harry Rocking a Ponytail

Rob Lowe has sent the internet into a frenzy with his claims about Prince Harry wearing a ponytail. The actor is known for his versatile roles in different films, but he has taken up a side gig as a Royal Watcher now. He caught a glimpse of his neighbor (Prince Harry) in California, the actor revealed on ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden.

“I just ran into your countryman, the English treasure, Prince Harry, at the stoplight 10 minutes ago,” Lowe told the host. “He lives about a mile from me. He’s been very reclusive. Seeing him in the neighborhood is like seeing the Loch Ness Monster, and I finally saw him. I finally saw him driving his car.”

The 56-year-old actor continued that he “may have a scoop” on the Duke of Sussex.

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