15 Most Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

Celebrities always know how to make a statement on the red carpet. In recent years, the “naked” look has become one of Hollywood’s most head-turning trends. Celebrities have incorporated sheer panels, mesh, and thigh-high slits into their outfits to show that they’re barely wearing anything at all!

Without any further wait, look at how far these celebrities push fashion boundaries through the outrageous outfits they have chosen to wear.

Jennifer Lawrence

At the UK premiere of her new movie Mother!, Jennifer Lawrence put on quite a display. It best fits her undebatable status as one of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses. She wore a semi-sheer Versace gown with crystal chains draping all around and matching metallic heels. The dress was, in fact, pretty see-through, but the intricate network of chains helped the actress cover her modesty. Even with a dress, this revealing elegance spilled out as she walked down the red carpet.

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