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    10+ Celebrities Who, Believe It Or Not, Were Part Of Cults

    It’s hard to think of celebrities as being normal, everyday people. The demi-god status we bestow upon them makes it nearly impossible for us to see them as being vulnerable. But not every actor in Hollywood was born licking a silver spoon. Some have overcome insurmountable odds to be where they are today. See what I mean and check […] More

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    60 Irksome photos that people are having a hard time explaining

    If you have encountered things that are too hard to explain, don’t worry- you are not alone. There are things that are too confusing to figure out. We don’t mean to add to your dilemmas and mental quandaries, but the photos that you’re about to see here in this slideshow might baffle your mind, too. […] More

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    70+ crack-up textbook vandals who “improved” their textbooks

    Classroom lectures and discussions can be quite boring especially when they are too long. Sometimes we have no choice but to sit through the lesson, struggling to focus although there are times when it feels impossible. It’s all to easy to get drowsy and end up falling asleep in class. For some students, their way […] More

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    70+ Scottish tweets that show the world what being a Scot really means

    Aside from knowing about their refreshing green fields, towering mountains, and of course their love of whiskey, there are still tons of things we do not know about Scots and Scotland. Well, prepare yourself as these slides contain vital information coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Here are over 70 tweets coming from native Scottish […] More

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